Rebuilding single-mother families from dysfunctional and poverty stricken to independent and self-sufficient The New Seed Foundation helps single mothers attain a sense of self sufficiency and optimism that leads to renewed caring and nurturing for their children

When a single mother decides to participate in our program, her case is individually evaluated by our staff, liasons are made with community agencies where necessary, and a program is designed to help the single mother not only get back on her feet, but to equip her with the skills to create a bright future, and raise her family with intention.

• Building Community: Every single mother faced with challenges needs a community. Our New Seed Clubhouse programs help her create a strong social network. The clubhouse is a welcoming place where mothers in crisis can come and not only feel a sense of community, but also discover talents and hone skills.  Together with help from our professional team, mothers are able to boost their self-worth and learn how to deal with their crises and challenges. Here, they meet other women in similar circumstances and participate in a vibrant and supportive community, working together to rebuild their lives.

Graduate participants agree to become mentors to the next generation of participants.  Each graduate will become a “big sister” and will be paired with a new participant. In this way, no one in the program is isolated and each is linked with the greater community.

• Holistic Healing and Life Skills Development: We believe that the healing process can only be achieved through a holistic approach, which examines all the aspects that affect a single mother and her family— physical, emotional and spiritual. Each case is of course unique, and we have found that a combination of therapy to overcome emotional problems, as well as relationship and parenting counseling, together with household and financial management skills are the key to success. In most cases, the goal is to erradicate negative behavioral and thought patterns and replace them with positive ones, that in turn bring joy and fulfillment in life.

The life skills development program equips the single mother with basic tools for success — tools that those raised in functional families would ordinarily learn from their parents. These mothers themselves very often come from dysfunctional homes and never learned basic coping skills or sound decision making. We teach those in need about the consequences of one’s behavior, how to avoid negative relationships, and how to develop inner strengths and self worth. How to implement a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, budget management, and a balance of work and family time is also a part of this invaluable program.

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• Financial Self-Sufficiency: Small business development and career oriented education can be key for many single mothers. Participants enroll in business and entrepreneurial workshops, with a full range of advisors including legal, financial, business consultants and even psychological help to prepare them to build successful businesses. A personal business and self-development mentor is available to provide vocational and educational advice. The women attend seminars that offer additional education, as well as networking opportunities.  After attending our courses, many of the women are ready to pursue higher education, and some attend the Bar Ilan University campus in Tzfat.

• Children’s Program: Once immediate basic needs of the family have been addressed, and the single mother becomes a part of our community, focusing on the children is an important part of the big picture. Individual cases are assessed and the goal is to lovingly bolster the physical, mental and emotional development of our single-mother children and guide them towards academic success.

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