About The New Seed Foundation:

Our Mission is to reconstruct the lives of the socially disadvantaged in Israel, especially women and children, leading them towards greater dignity, independence and self-sufficiency.

We develop innovative model programs for mothers and children in crisis. Our programs are designed to shift participants from an existence of despair and hopelessness to a reality of stability and self-empowerment, with the goal of emotional and financial independence. Our residential and day programs include skills development, creative therapies (cinematography, theater play-back and art), and professional guidance. All of our services are provided within the context of a caring, personalized community support system.

The New Seed Foundation was founded by Joan (Rachel Bracha) Laurence in 1991 to develop creative solutions for the problems facing abused children, battered mothers and unwed pregnant women as well as single mother families in Northern Israel. Read more about our history here.

About The New Seed Network:

Our most recent project, The New Seed Network, focuses on transforming single-mother families in the city of Tzfat, Israel from dysfunctional and poverty stricken to independent and self-sufficient. Our program strengthens single mothers and their at-risk children, stabilizes their family situation with dignity, and helps them become independent, contributing members of the community. In just over two years since launching the program, the New Seed Network is fundamentally changing families’ lives in Northern Israel.

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Why Single Mothers?
Single mothers represent the lowest rung on the poverty ladder, often have few skills and are the most disadvantaged and vulnerable — physically, mentally and economically.  Often isolated and alone, they are left with overwhelming debts and little or no support from family or the father of their children. Additionally, most of the single-mother families we serve have been downtrodden by abuse, and many have special-needs children, such that even coping with everyday life is often a challenge they cannot face without help.

Single mothers and their families gravitate to Tzfat because they are socially accepted and the cost of living is relatively low, with inexpensive rental housing and food prices.  Tzfat is one of the lowest income Jewish cities in Israel —  40% of its population live in poverty and are on welfare.

In keeping with The New Seed Foundation’s history of helping those in greatest need, we are now focusing our efforts on single mothers, who need our services more than ever.

The New Seed Network Philosophy:

At the New Seed Network we know that it takes a team of caring professionals to help a struggling single mother get back on her feet, provide a stable home for her children, and look forward to a bright future. The New Seed Network creates a supportive community for our single-mother participants and their children, providing a backbone of advisors and resources which enable broken families to rebuild their lives. Our philosophy focuses on strengthening mothers to become a pillar of support for their children, and this primary goal is accomplished through participation in a wide range of programs as well as counseling.