The New Seed Clubhouse:

The New Seed Clubhouse is open five days a week and serves to create a supportive community for single-mother participants. The Center provides a wide range of programs and services. Each morning begins with a healthful communal breakfast where women can eat together and socialize before classes begin, and once a month, the New Seed Clubhouse offers an inspiring community event. The clubhouse itself is a social hub, where women meet, communicate and interact. Through therapy and profound sharing the women can build the community that is crucial to their healing process. As they realize that others share their difficult circumstances, the mothers and their children begin to form bonds with other families in the group and meet outside of the Center.

The New Seed Network director, Dina Tevilla, is in contact with all the participants and is aware of their specific personal issues. Dina becomes a “mother” who is concerned and involved, and available around the clock in cases of dire need. With many participants, Dina is the only caring invidividual in these mothers lives who has the resources that can make a difference.

When they first arrive at the clubhouse doorstep, the women are generally in great despair. In addition to Dina, five therapists offer a wide range of therapeutic seminars including intensive traditional therapy, cinematography therapy and drama therapy. This range of therapy has made significant and even profound differences in our participants’ lives. In addition to therapy, a wide range of classes are available which include Pilates, Adler parenting workshops, business development, theater payblack and professional painting.

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Clubhouse Case Studies:

The personal stories of those who arrive on the New Seed Network Clubhouse are shocking and sometimes almost unbelievable, and yet homelessness, extreme poverty, and hopeless are a reality for our participants. History and experience have shown us that with the proper guidance and resources most of these mothers can turn their lives around and build stable familyhomes. 

Here are profiles of some of the women who are now recieving guidance at the New Seed Network clubhouse:

Rachel: 10 children. She is emaciated and weak, her tattered clothes hang on her thin frame. Lacking rent money she was thrown out on to the street with her children. She went to a relative’s caravan on a moshav near Beer Sheva, where she had a roof over her head but no funds to feed her children. The children were crying at night from hunger. The bank closed her account due to overdrafts.

Osnat: 4 children. Ex-husband is in jail. She walks around in slippers due to lack of shoes. There are no beds or mattresses in her apartment and no food. Her electricity was turned off recently and the family lives in the dark come sundown.

Carmen: 5 children. Two of her five children are very ill. They need hormones that she can’t afford, and as a result, she stopped giving them the medicines they require. She is devasted as she sees her son’s health deteriorating and has no means to improve their situation.  One son is about to have a Bar Mitzvah and she doesn’t have funds to pay for the expenses. 

Mina: 4 children. She can’t stop crying. Her bank account was closed due to debts and she doesn’t have food for the children— not even enough to purchase peanut butter to make sandwiches. She is having a difficult time coping and if not for the children, she has said she would kill herself.

Ettie:  3 children. No cash, her water and electricity were cut off. Winter is coming and she worries how she will heat her home and provide basic winter clothing for her children.

The New Seed Foundation Crisis Management:

In addition to the New Seed Network Clubhouse program, our crisis management program, One People One Heart, assists our single mother families who require emergency food, utilities, basic home and appliances repair, funds for medicines, debt release etc. This program partners with several well known charity agencies in Israel who are helping to support these families with emergency assistance. You can learn more about One People One Heart here.

We are receiving from four or more calls per day with desperate, heart breaking pleas for help. Your donations can go specifically to this division, and are greatly appreciated year round.