The New Seed Foundation History:

For over twenty years, The New Seed Foundation has operated programs in the Holy City of Tzfat, helping children and their mothers, who have suffered from the debilitating effects of family abuse and dysfunction.

The New Seed Foundation has been working hard to fulfill our mission of assisting women and children in crisis and dire need since our inaugural project in 1991, and has developed innovative model residential and non-residential programs not previously in existence in Israel. As the city of Tzfat has grown, the needs of the community are evolving, and in turn our programming has changed to suit the immediate needs of the mothers and children who call this remote and poverty stricken city their home.

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The Loving Children’s Home 1991-1996
A registered residential program of the Israeli Welfare Department that provided a refuge for young girls suffering from abuse and severely dysfunctional families. 

The Mother-Child Healing Hostel 1993-1996
A model residential program serving the battered mothers of girls living in the Loving Children’s Home.  Mothers lived with their children in the Loving Children’s Home where they received counseling and were taught the skills necessary to provide healthy, stable, caring homes for their children.

The New Start Hostel 1997-2005
A residential, preventive program for children at-risk in the womb by preparing their mothers to become loving, caring parents. Most of the young women came to the hostel with no family support, and were given an accepting place to healthfully carry out their pregnancies to term while gaining the skills necessary to succeed as single mothers.

One People One Heart (Am Ehad Lev Ehad) 2006-2010
During the last Lebanese War in 2006, we assisted families who needed to be relocated from their own homes. Following the war, over 300 families were assisted with hot meals, holiday food coupons, schoolbooks and supplies, in-home care and debt consolidation.  This arm of the New Seed Foundation continues today helping individuals and families, especially single mothers,
with basic needs assistance.

The New Seed Network 2010-present
During and since the second Lebanon war seven years ago, The New Seed Foundation developed personal relationships with over 150 families through our One People One Heart individualized interventions program. Seventy percent of these families were single mother households facing constant instability. As these single mother households have unfortunately been increasing in numbers not previously seen, The New Seed Foundation decided to focus on this needy sector. 

Additionally, as the city political leaders of Tzfat became overwhelmed with the needs of a huge influx of single-mother families, they needed to find a creative solution and reached out to The New Seed Foundation. The New Seed Network program was founded as a model program to address the single-mother families, who were arriving from all over Israel to begin a new life.

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