Many single mothers are experiencing dramatic changes in their lives after seeking help from the New Seed Network and participating in New Seed Clubhouse programming. Here are a small selection of comments recently collected from participants:

“When I came to the New Seed Clubhouse, I was without running water in my home as the pipes had burst and I couldn’t pay for repairs. There was no food in the house and the children were crying from hunger. I was losing control and I didn’t know how to cope with all the problems. My youngest child has a disability, which is so difficult to deal with on top of everything else. After the loving guidance from the New Seed Network, and financial assistance as well, I now feel I have the support to carry on, and I can breathe once more”.

“The peer support group at The New Seed Clubhouse helped me to understand my overwhelming sadness. After dragging myself to meetings I had an amazing break through and arrived to a much more accepting place with myself. My children even commented that I am calmer”.

“My ex-husband is giving me a lot of trouble, he presses me in all sorts of ways— he wants to make me crazy in order to take the kids. The clubhouse is my only source of support, a place where I can feel normal and learn how to act correctly in such a difficult situation. I have been given the amazing gift of strength which enables me to continue coping with it all.

When I come home from an activity at the clubhouse, and my children see me happy and full of vitality, they feel it right away, and it really perks them up too.”

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“My daughter is always asking me “Mom, when are you going to the clubhouse?” and my son says, “I see you’re in a good mood today, you’ve been at that secret place of yours?”
I now feel capable enough to go out to work, and even to do a job I’ve dreamed of.
My whole life has become clear to me, and  I’ve stopped panicking about my situation.
I would like to thank the wonderful organization The New Seed Network, for making it possible for me to realize and utilize my talents. I am so grateful for the wonderful community – so important in my situation – something that in itself gives me the strength to give, both to myself and at home. I have become a loving selfless mother to my small child, and my self-confidence and ability to face the world have grown immensly.

“The wide range of activities at the New Seed Clubhouse strengthens my being and my soul. The warmth and love given to me by the staff and the girls, and the true caring makes me feel at peace at last. I hope the organization will continue to help many more like myself.”